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Continuing Education Courses

1/19/2024 (Permalink)

Continuing Education Courses Continuing Education Courses

Continuing Education Class for Claims Adjusters and Agents:

AM Class - February 15th 9AM-12PM - The P&C Selling Cycle (3 Credit Hours), Free Breakfast Included

PM Class - February 15th 1PM-4PM - Professional Ethics (3 Credit Hours), Free Lunch Included

Contact for RSVP and Registration Forms:
Jamie Wenzel and Tina Nelson

Backpack Emergency Card

8/11/2023 (Permalink)


Emergencies can strike anytime, anywhere, including when your kids are at school. No one ever likes to think about the ‘what if’. But it’s even worse to think ‘if only’.  

The more prepared we are for an emergency, the more peace of mind we can have in a stressful situation.  

Here are some steps you can take to be prepared in case of an emergency at your child’s school: 

Know the School’s Emergency Plan 

It’s important to know how the school will communicate with you in case of a schoolwide emergency as well as the school’s evacuation plan. You also will want to know what their plan is to reunite you with your child during or after an emergency. The phone lines at the school will likely be overrun with calls from concerned parents, so the more you know what the plan is ahead of time, the better. 

Emergency Contact Information 

Keep your contact information up to date with the school.  

Make sure you have 1-3 trusted people who could pick your child up from school if there is a situation where you aren’t able to. Review the list with your child and be sure they are comfortable with who those people are, what their vehicles look like and how to find their phone numbers. Including this Backpack Emergency Card could be very useful! 

Communicate this list with your school. 

Pick-up/Drop off Location 

Review the pick-up and drop off location with your child, and make sure that your other emergency contacts know where that is as well. It is a good idea to have an alternate location just in case you cannot get to them in a timely manner, or if your usual pick-up spot is not accessible. 

Going back to school can come with feelings of anticipation and stress. Reduce the stress by having a plan!